Boring but Important  

Due to the current Pandemic my "open-door" policy cannot currently stand.  Please click on my Covid-19 button for more information

Child Protection


1. I maintain an "open door" policy and parents are verywelcome to sit in on lessons.

2.  When children arrive for lessons they can wait in the hall on the seat provided and should feel free to use the downstairs cloakroom.  They are welcome to spend their waiting time with my family but only if parents are happy for them to do so.

3.  Please le me know if the student has any particular health needs such as allergies.

4. Please ensure that I have an emergency contact number for you as I have known children to take ill suddenly in lessons.

5. Sometimes it is useful to exchange files over the internet or to contact students using text or e-mail.  I would always make this kind of contact with parents only unless I have your specific permission to contact your child direct.

6. I keep physical contact with students to an absolute minimum.  Most aspects of technique can be demonstrated visually but very occasionally I may feel it necessary to touch a student's wrist or arm.  I will always ask their permission first.  

Provision of Music

I endeavour to supply all my student's sheet music requirements as I can buy in bulk and on account.  Music costs will be added onto the next appropriate fee invoice.  Do not feel limited, however, to what I have supplied.  I would encourage you all to browse the music shops looking for new material which I would be delighted to see in lessons.

I am very conscious of the cost of sheet music.  Taking instrumental lessons does involve a certain financial undertaking and photocopying music is illegal.  I shall endeavour to make sensible and value-for-money choices over new music in partnership with the student and parent but must assume that all new music will paid for unless it is returned to me in pristine condition.

Missed Lessons

I am entitled to charge for any scheduled lessons that you miss although in practise I often offer you an alternative time or carry your fee over to the next billing cycle.

Please endeavour to give me as much warning as possible of cancellations.

Exams, Competitions and Public Performance

I will not enter any student for exams competition or public performances without prior consent of the student (or parent if under 18)

I will not enter students for exams unless the exam fee is paid in full in advance



I may only see a student for 30 minutes a week.  That leaves 6 days 23 1/2 hours for the student to find time to practise.


I keep all your lesson notes in electronic form on my "Remarkable" .  From this I can email you a pdf at the end of every lesson reminding you what we did and what your "homework" is.