About me 

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Fiona Tompkins   Dip (T) ABRSM  CT ABRSM


 I have been playing music since my first blue plastic recorder at the age of 5.  At 7 I started  playing the violin and at age 11 I took up piano.  I was heavily involved in orchestras and ensemble playing all through my childhood along with being head chorister at my local church.  I never envisaged a career in music for myself although I had completed a few music modules in my first year at University but, instead,  performed in amateur orchestras and choirs as a hobby whilst pursuing a career in banking. When I gave up work to have a family it seemed logical to try my hand at piano teaching and here I am today.

I was very conscious that with only graded exams behind me and no full music degree or conservatoire training it was important to obtain professional qualifications.  To this end I enrolled in a one year program to gain my Certificate in Teaching in Piano Teaching from the ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music).  This certificate covers my ability to teach beginners up to and including Grade 8.  Following this certification I gained my Diploma in Teaching and have plans for further professional development.

Music lessons are conducted in my own home on my lovely Schonbrunn Baby Grand which I purchased new in 2014.  I was always daunted by grand pianos as a child as I never seemed to have access to them except on exam day or concert day.  Because of this I decided that both myself and my students should have a fantastic instrument so that we can develop the best possible sound and technique.  

I am a full member of EPTA, the European Piano Teachers Association.  EPTA provide me with Public Liability Insurance for my work as well as providing a host of performing opportunities for my students and an annual nationwide competition for all levels including beginners.


I do love a singsong and Christmas is never complete without my carol concert; good old fashioned carols round the piano with all the accompaniments performed by my students. Bring parents, brothers, sisters, nannies and grandads and have a festive time. 

I do have a little dog - a cockapoo called Bertie. He loves to meet and greet all my students.  He is a "non-shedding" animal and hasn't yet triggered any obvious allergic reactions in any of my students..  If you are nervous of dogs please let me know so I can take steps to have him out of the way when you arrive.