Lessons are currently £34 per hour.

A typical beginners lesson of 30mins will be £17  and  I offer a free taster session. 45min lessons (£25.50) and 1 hour lessons are recommended for more advanced learners

School Aged Students

Children are expected to attend lessons every week throughout term-time and may come in school holidays by special arrangement.

Lessons are billed in blocks corresponding to school half terms - typically 5, 6 or 7 weeks.

This should be paid within 2 weeks of the start of each lesson block.  Online banking is preferred.

Where lessons have been unavoidably cancelled I will use my discretion to carry the lesson fee over to the next billing cycle.

Mature Students

Adult learners have many demands on their time and may feel unable to commit to weekly lessons.  I have tried in the past to accommodate fortnightly or even "ad hoc" lesson  requests but find that  curriculum planning for non-regular attendance is very difficult for me.  Sometimes adults cancel when they shouldn't just because they are embarrassed that they didn't do much practise that week.   I enjoy teaching adults at all levels and would encourage you even if you are a beginner as it really is never too late.   You should, however,  expect to book a lesson most weeks and come even if you've been a slacker as I would hope to remotivate you!.    Adults are asked to pay for lessons in blocks of 4 and we'll tick them off as you take them.