Covid-19 Update

I have undertaken a full risk assessment (can be supplied on request).  As of 28 April 2021 face to face teaching in my home is, once again, allowed.  My professional body, EPTA (European Piano Teachers association), supply my Public Liability Insurance providing I operate under Covid Safe guidelines.

Operating policy 
  1. Lessons will be spaced with a 10minute gap excepting siblings.  You must not arrive until the time of your lesson.  Family members cannot wait in the house as I do not have a Covid -safe waiting area and extra persons in my teaching room would prevent my ability to maintain social distancing

  2. I will sit apart from the students at around 2m distance and teach from a digital piano.

  3. Both students and I will wash hands/sanitize immediately before and after each lesson

  4. I will clean all common contact areas (door handles, piano keys) in-between lessons.

  5. If activities involve singing then either face shields or a Perspex screen will be used which will be cleaned between lessons.

  6. Students must bring their own music, pencil and rubber to mark in fingering etc.

  7.  Video lessons may be the only option for students using public transport to attend lessons unless social distancing is available on that transport.  Any parent/guardian accompanying their child will not be able to enter the house as I do not have a safe waiting area.

  8. To avoid cross contamination of practise diaries teacher will provide a pdf page email summarising the lesson that week after every lesson.  Please provide which email address this should go to.

  9. Students who are at a higher risk due to age or underlying health conditions must identify themselves to me so that I can apply extra vigilance to social distancing and cleaning or explore remote lessons via video

  10. Students are to advise if any of the following applies to them or any   member of their household

    1. Tested positive for Covid-19

    2. Continuous cough, temperature or loss of taste or smell symptoms

    3. Contact with a confirmed Covid-19 case