When do you Teach?

I teach Monday to Friday in school term times.  I can teach in school holidays by special arrangement.

Can I have lessons once a fortnight?

I prefer lessons weekly.  Schoolchildren are expected weekly and adults most weeks although I am a little more flexible with adults.  Experience has taught me that spacing out lessons too much or offering them "ad hoc" results in frustratingly slow progress.

Must I have an instrument?

Learning an instrument means having regular access to an instrument.  You will not progress unless you practise.  Your instrument should be a piano and not just a keyboard.  The pianoforte is so named because it plays both soft and loud. From your first lesson you will  be learning how your touch affects the sound produced by the instrument.  This cannot be practised on anything other than a fully weighted digital piano or a traditional acoustic piano.

Be careful about acquiring an old acoustic piano from a private advert.  They might seem a bargain but are not always worth having and you should generally seek professional advice.  Tuners will often help you in this regard.

If you are considering buying an instrument either new or second hand I am always willing to come with you to help with your choice.